Yiannis Hadjiaslanis is a photographer and visual artist, based in Athens, Greece.
He is a resident on movement.radio


2023 'Social Pedagogies', Eight/To Okto, critical institute for arts and politics, Athens
2023 'Visitations', Institut Francais de Grece, Athens
2022 'Expressions of Light', Selene Vedema 2022, Santorini
2022 'Visitations', Melina Cultural Center, Athens
2022 'Blind Spots' Photobook Exhibition, Medphoto Festival, Contemporary Art Museum of Crete
2021 'Photobook Boom: The Greek Case', Photobiennale, Thessaloniki
2020 'Mediterranean flux', 1st Festival of Mediterranean Culture, Naxos
2020 'Upper Lane, Lower Lane', Eight/To Okto, critical institute for arts and politics, Athens
2019 'Kypselian salon', Snehta Residency, Athens
2019 'a.O. - b.c. An audiovisual library', State of Concept, Athens
2019 'The Future of the Past', Kalfayan Galleries, Athens
2019 '13,700,000 km3', Depression Era, Art Space Pytrhagorion, Samos
2019 'Plateau 034' photobook exhibition, Zoetrope, Athens
2019 'Photography in Crisis', Depression Era, Slought Institute, Philadelphia
2018 'Photo-graphé', Benaki Museum, Athens
2018 'The Tourists', Depression Era, Unseen Amsterdam
2017 'The Decline of Heroes', Depression Era, Antikenmuseum, Basel
2016 Paris Photo, Kalfayan Galleries, Paris
2016 'On Elite Now', Kypseli Municipal Marketplace, Athens
2016 'Detour', The Society for the Care of Unaccompanied Minors, Athens
2015 'Depression Era', Athens Biennale, Bagkeion Hotel, Athens
2015 'Greek Stories Revisited', China Lishui Photography Festival
2015 'Final Destination', Athens International Airport
2015 'Hyperopia', Pomo Galerie, Milano
2015 'Between the Pessimism of the Intellect and the Optimism of the Will', Depression Era, Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art
2015 'Art Athina', Kalfayan Galleries
2014 'Depression Era', Hungarian Month of Photography, Budapest
2014 'Depression Era', Le Mois de la Photo, Paris
2014 'Depression Era', Benaki Museum, Athens
2014 'Dia', Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens
2014 'Statement Made', Art Athina
2013 'Intersections', Kalfayan Galleries, Athens
2013 'Bedrooms', TAF the art foundation, Athens
2013 'Thrills and Chills', CAN Gallery, Athens
2012 'How we draw a dog', 3137, Athens
2012 'Bedrooms', Greek Pavillion, 13th Venice Architecture Biennale
2011 'Art Athina', Kalfayan Galleries
2011 'Short Journeys in the Middle East', Thessaloniki International Book Fair
2010 'Arabic without a teacher', Metaxourgeio, Athens
2010 Photobiennale, 'Topos', 21st International Photography Meeting, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
2009 'The Townhouse International Contemporary Art Sale', The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
2009 'The Ultimate Experience', Al-Riwaq Art Space, Manama
2007 'Backgrounds', Wannajob, Athens
2003 Greek Sale silent auction, Sothebys, London
2003 'Liquid Landscapes', 10th International Month of Photography, Athens
2002 'Horografies', 9th International Month of Photography, Athens


Listhus Artspace , (w/ Nastasya Tay), Olafsfjordur
Al-Riwaq Art Space, Manama
The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo


'Curiositas-Visitations', Auberge de France, Rhodes
'A Land of Light and Shadows: Modern Greek Literature and Photography', Princeton Athens Center
'Curiositas-Visitations', Institut Francais de Grece, Athens
'Curiositas-Visitations',(w/ Vangelis Ioakeimidis), a series of workshops in four Greek museums
'Photography in Crisis', Depression Era, Slought Institute, Philadelphia
'Aigaleo City', Locus Athens
'Nightstalkers', (w/ Angela Svoronou), Depression Era, Athens
'The Ultimate Experience', (w/ Farida El Gazzar), Manama
'Resident', (w/ Jan Adriaans), Cairo


MA Image & Communication, Goldsmiths College, London
Pg Dip Photography, Central Saint Martins, London